Надійка Гербіш
Nadiyka Gerbish is a bestselling and award-winning Ukrainian author, translator, producer, columnist and a podcast host. European and Nordic Languages Rights Director Riggins Rights Management. 

Podcast host atSlovo na peretyni(Word at the Intersection). This podcast is produced by Audiostories and supported by the Theology and Philosophy faculty of Ukrainian Catholic University.

Publishing world
Nadiyka's books are studied in the state school literature program, published in Braille type, and released as audiobooks for inclusive education. Her works have been featured in various mass media (including The Reader’s Digest, The Bookseller, The Sun, Hive, LoveReading, Culturefly, October Books, The Herald, Monocle, Christianity Today, Metro, Twisted, Book Time Magazine, BBC One, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 2, Forbes Ukraine etc.) and won various awards.
Apart from Ukraine, Nadiyka's books are also being published in the UK (Sphere, Hachette), Germany (HarperCollins Germany), Estonia (Kirjastus Sinisukk), Turkey (Lena & Mama Publishing), Armenia (Antares), and Poland (CLC Poland).

Having worked as a journalist, college teacher, and editor-in-chief in the past, Nadiyka is also a translator of numerous high-profile titles (English to Ukrainian and Russian) such as Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson; Decision Points, by George W. Bush; Psychology & Christianity: Five Views, ed. by Eric L. Johnson; On the Marriage You’ve Always Wanted, by Gary Chapman; Developing the Leader Within You, by John Maxwell; Once an Arafat Man, by Tass Saada with Dean Merrill, and others. Her photography has been used in book illustrations produced by European, American, and Canadian publishers. 
Producer of the historical bestseller ‘To Overcome the Past: Global History of Ukraine’ by historian and public intellectual, professor Yaroslav Hrytsak at Portal Publishing.
Columnist (Verbum Magazine, Tyktor Media), BBC Radio 4 contributor.

Warm Stories for Coffee Time (2012) has sold more than 70,000 copies, became a #1 bestseller at Knygarnya Ye, bestselling title at Yakaboo, Lviv Book Forum 2012, landed on the Book of the Year 2013 Award Shortlist (Ukraine), and was awarded a prize of European Christian Book of the Year 2012 (Marketsquare Europe, Budapest).


- Travels with Magic Atlas: Venice (2016) was listed among Forbes ‘5 Best Travel Books of the Year 2016’ (Ukraine)


My Name is Miriam (a children’s book about refugees, published by Vivat, 2017) received a Social Book of the Year award by Barabooka. Currently, it is being reprinted by CLC International to be distributed for free among Ukrainian refugees in Eastern Europe. It will be published in Polish in the summer of 2022.

Pointe Shoes for Anna (Old Lion Publishing, 2018), a book promoting Ukrainian ballet, was published in Armenian (Antares LTD, 2020) with support of the Translate Ukraine program funded by the Ukrainian Book Institute and is currently being translated into Turkish.

We Live on the Edge of the Volcano (Portal, 2020), a children’s historical fiction title about the Jewish ghetto in Zbarazh during WWII, based on documentary materials, is on PEN Ukraine’s list of best books published in Ukraine in 2020. Shortlisted for the Ukrainian award "Book of the Year" 2020.

Apples of War, (Portal, 2020), a children’s historical fiction story set in the post-WWI emigration period that touches on the topics of the post-traumatic syndrome, wartime sexual violence, education, and, eventually, emotional recovery, education, and cultural integration, was also on PEN Ukraine’s list of best books published in Ukraine in 2020. Shortlisted for the Ukrainian award "Book of the Year" 2020.

- The Great Christmas Book, an art book with 33 essays on the history of Christmas (with a special focus on Christmas in the wartime, Christmas under Stalin, Christmas under Hitler, coauthored with professor Yaroslav Hrytsak (Portal, 2020), landed on the list of the best Ukrainian books from PEN-Ukraine and the longlist of the Book of the Year-BBC (2021).



Personal life: Nadiyka lives in Ukraine with her husband Igor, their daughter Bogdana and a dog named Khrushchyk.
Educational background: Nadiyka has an MA degree in English Language and Literature (Kyiv National Linguistic University, Ukraine), and an MA in American Studies and Mass Media (University of Lodz, Poland). Aspen Institute Kyiv 2018.

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